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Social Media Marketing – Three Words one Unit.

Disclaimer : I am not a social media ninja, guru or expert. I am also not a website designer , search engine optimizer, writer or  a blogger .

I am Window and Door business owner who have discovered and applying  simple rules off marketing. Through integrating  Face- to -Face Network marketing skills I have been able to establish a solid web foundation and growth on an extremely small relative shoestring budget.

So whether my achievements are remarkable or not I am really not sure. I just know what I am doing comes naturally, I absolutely love it and  would like to share  some of my experience and mistakes.

So if you are already a Successful Social media marketer or expert, you can either skip to read this or help me achieve some bigger dreams. Surely my approach may seem totally unorthodox .

If  you need to also grow your business – you are very welcome to read some of my tips.

The phrase Social Media Marketing contains three words.

In action these three words operates as a unit. It compliments each other . It integrates three different approaches . When understanding and applying it will help you with your marketing efforts.

Breaking down this phrase into three individual portions might help you understanding Social Media Marketing .

Social – Online /Offline activities need to be the consistent.

The word social indicate our interaction  with society. This must be no different than our social media actions.

Imagine inviting many friends to your party.


To be a good host you would need to :

a) Engage with all your guests .

b) Not bragging and boasting  about yourselves all the time.

c) sharing  good food , meals and even come up with  a surprise or two.

d)You would also introduce your friends to each other.

The best results of a good party is that you may very well be over flood with people inviting you to their parties.

Successful  social media marketing requires from us: 


”Sharing ” and ”liking”  and engaging in the efforts of friends, contacts , thought leaders on social media platforms before you can ask for ”likes”  and shares.

In other words, if you want to become successful  in  Social Media Marketing you would need to earn loyalty and trust consistently over along period. Social media marketing is not a sprint it is a marathon.

If you are always persistent in  wanting likes and shares instead of giving likes, shares and positive comments your own material will eventually dried up .

Eventually leading to nobody being  interested in your opinion or voice.

 The 80/20 Pareto Indicator would be a good rule of thumb, if we want to be successful.Sharing interesting and engaging content which make your audience want to come back for more. Sharing and liking are the currency of Social media. This selfish investment would in the long term build credibility, trust loyalty  and  audience.

To be a successful social media marketer your offline activities needs to be consistent with your online activities. This means that it would require from you to also go out and network  outside the comfort of the online network. This can be accomplished  through joining  your local Chamber of Commerce , Networking events  , Neighborhood  Watch social development programs . So in essence  you need to Serve society first, add value second  and then get results.  This simply means that many times you would need to give away some valuable time and advice  for free in order to long term results and solid foundation.

To be able to connect with people offline helps you to connect with people online.

My personal believe is that is better to have 100 real contacts, friends or connections than to have 10 000 Fake  Facebook friends. I am personally do not want people or force people to “like” my business pages if their would be no future engagement. Contrary to many  experts i personally prefer not to buy any likes. I Would much rather be content in a slow steady organic  growth .

 Being your own publisher and Media House 



Social media has offered an opportunity for everybody to be his own publishing house .

Having said this it is expected you need to continuously  be the expert in your field. It doesn’t matter whether you are a plumber, car salesman , surgeon or professor everybody has the same opportunity  to be a thought leader on Social media.

A car salesperson for instance can share his expertise and knowledge as follows:

a) A  daily blog where he can help potential  buyers buying the right cars .

b) sharing information of the current market trends  and interesting developments

c) Security  and Safety aspects of vehicles.

You become the expert. The car enthusiast go to your blog to get info instead of popular Car Magazine. you become the industry thought leader  and person that people can  trust to buy cars.


Many groups have made it extremely easy for everybody to post an advert of their service or product on a daily base to Facebook or other smaller  social media platforms and websites.


The Top 20 Valuable Facebook Statistics – Updated January 2017

With so  many post per day it has however became more and more difficult to feature on top  of the Platform feed.

More posts is very often not better. It requires more and more effort from every marketer to the drawing board and apply basic Marketing skills to Social Media Marketing.

This means –

a) Understanding the marketing Mix

1) Product ,



and Promotion and how this integrate with your Social Media Marketing activities.

b) Understanding consumer behavior and  buyers motivation and how to adapt this into your Social Media Marketing strategy.

The Hierarchy of Needs for an Engaged Social Media Audience


c) Creativity- Thinking outside of the box, sometimes using unorthodox untested methods.

d) Constantly Innovating  your Marketing approaches rather than following the masses.

As a Social Media  Marketer with a relative new  unknown territory it requires  that we often try and test things that nobody else have the courage to try.

Social Media Marketing is one of the tools for any Entrepreneur with limited resources.

Combining this correctly will boost your business , using it incorrectly will just be another waste of time.

Stewart Murdoch



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