Social Media platforms are not washing lines.

Dirty Laundry

You do not hang your dirty washing in public- social media platforms are also not  made for dirty laundry.

It is evident how many people only utilize social media platforms for constantly hanging their dirty laundry. Apparently these platforms have specifically been developed for their needs and seeking social attention.

Not only is this not etiquette , nor professional if you are a business person

The Vulture in-laws.

A  traumatic funeral of a loved one is suppose to reconcile people and family differences.

This is the place where one should realize life is short and we should rather forgive and forget.

Tragically, the opposite seems to be true. How often do we see people complaining  platforms about  in-laws being like vultures. Laying  claims that in-laws are like vultures.As this is not enough ,all the sins of the In- laws will also get exposed.Facebook simply is not the place or platform. Their is usually  three sides to a story: My version, the other person’s version  and the true version.


The Naughty Neighbor Syndrome.

Some people take pleasure in keeping tabs and exposing  each and every sin of everything happening the neighborhood, workplace, circle of friends and family.Having established themselves  as the ” credible” neighborhood news reporter they have gained a great following from like minded shallow friends.

Family Feuds and Swearing each Other.

We are  witnessing  family , friends and  colleagues  swearing at each other and bad mouthing each other openly.This is just not on !

If you don’t like your family take your battle outside the social media .

Remember somebody else may be good friends of the person you have just bad mouthed and  insulted.

The Bad Boss 

If your boss has insulted you  or treated you unfairly be bold enough to take him on or use the service of  your Shop Stewart,labor consultant or arbitration court. Follow the procedures within your Employment agreement, Labor law and South African Constitution.

By bypassing all the channels through publishing it on Facebook you surely compromising all your own rights.


The  public Policeman Hero- “Let us make this man famous

Jail image

Somehow these guys give you all the information of thieves, rapist , drug lords child molesters long before they have been convicted by the police. The consider it a good deed to warn you about these perpetrators.

They often like to use the line ” Let us make this person famous ” and encourage audience to like and share their  very interesting new found news to the community.

How good and noble their actions may be , you are not allowed to  post pictures of somebody who you are suspecting of a crime before he was convicted by the law.

You are compromising yourself, the case of the police and giving the perpetrator change of walking free.

Freedom of Speech

Freedom of speech does not mean we have all the right to say whatever we want and forcing down our personal anger, emotions and unhappiness about an event, other person  political party , religious group or service provider . Freedom of speech also expect from each of us a personal freedom to be extremely careful of what we are saying. First  follow  normal channels and procedures.

Remember and note  we do not own Facebook walls. This belongs to the developers.

Misusing and abusing this platforms can mean a ban from this platforms.

Utilizing Social media is an awesome tool for communication building  long lasting relationships  spreading  good news,tips and tricks , brand awareness, client loyalty.




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