3 Ways to Use Live Videos After They’ve Gone Live


3 Ways to Use Live Videos After They’ve Gone Live




Video content, and now the use of real-time video sharing, is a hot topic in social media right now. Instagram recently released Instagram Stories, we keep hearing about Snapchat, and more and more I see brands getting into Facebook Live. So what’s the obsession?

Well, people love sharing – and in our ever-connected world, they’re also seeking to share more in real-time. Sharing moments live helps you connect with people as if they’re there with you, to share your experience and perspective.

And this is also great from a social media marketing perspective – live content can generate a lot of much reach and engagement.

Take a look at the image below – a screenshot of Facebook analytics for one of my agency’s clients. The top pieces of content with the most reach on this Facebook fan page are (drum roll please…) live videos (and the engagement rates aren’t too bad either).

3 Ways to Use Live Videos After They’ve Gone Live | Social Media TodayIt’s amazing how much more reach and attention live streamed videos are getting – here’s a breakdown of social networks that let you share live video streams:

  • Facebook: Facebook live videos can be recorded from your phone, and you’re able to save the video after it’s recorded
  • Twitter/Periscope: There’s now a live stream button within Twitter which opens the Persicope app so you can go live. Periscope broadcasts are embeddable and you can save them after they’ve been broadcast.
  • Instagram: With Instagram Stories you can share your day with your fans in real time. Videos can be saved and reposted to your feed right in the app.
  • Snapchat: A Snapchat Story lets you show your fans what you’re up to with videos that disappear within 24 hours. You can save your videos from the app before or after you’ve shared them.
  • Youtube: YouTube lets you live stream and embed live streams while they’re happening. The video will then be archived on your channel after it’s gone live.

And what’s more, after you’ve conducted your live-stream, you can still get more out of your live content. Here are three ways you can use live videos after the stream has ended:

1. Use your live video on your other social media networks or embed them into blog posts

Once your video is live on the network you filmed and shared it on don’t forget to save it. You can now use that video to post on your other social media channels. This can also be a great opportunity to drive traffic back to your Facebook Page and gain Likes (think of “Don’t miss another live session, like our Facebook page to stay connected).

Another great way to boost videos views and repurpose your videos is to embed them onto your website or blog posts, landing page or website – turning visitors into more views and reach on your original streams.

2. Create “Snackable” videos to promote the longer video

Why not grab your longer live video and chop it up into smaller chunks? Perhaps highlight a takeaway – a moment etc. and use this content to point back to the original video where applicable.

This not only brings new eyes to your not so live anymore video, but gives you more content to fill up your schedule and share with your fans.

3. Create a Resource Library

I love resource libraries – it’s a great way to gather a bunch on content and put it into one easily accessible place for your fans (while creating more content and value).

If you have a themed live session every week, or you go live to give advice around a specific topic, why not put all this information where your fans can easily find it?

You can take your saved live videos and create a landing page, or resource library for your visitors to access (this can also be a great way to use social media to build your e-mail list).


Did you feature an influencer or have help from others creating your live stream? Send your saved video (and any other content created to support it) over to those people so they can share and drive traffic or at least get more exposure for your past live session.

I hope these ideas can help you gain more value and reach from your live videos. Got any questions? Let me know in a comment.

This post originally appeared on Dhariana Lozano’s blog


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