Can you imagine having 100 salespersons working for you ? Part 1/3

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Can you imagine having over a hundred salespersons working for Startup small or medium business?

Social media has made just that possible. A new entrepreneur doesn’t need expensive office buildings for salespeople, administrators, delivery or expensive  advertising campaigns.

Innovators and early adopters have learned how to use social platforms to suit the needs of their clients in an affordable manner.

Facebook has recently changed the social platform enabling small businesses to market through groups and pages without breaking the bank.

The last few months have seen a rapid growth in the memberships in these groups.

However, it remains challenge to get your business out in a busy marketplace.

Different messages, creative videos and animations are more in demand lately.

It’s amazing how a group of 25000 members’ tagline is, “Let’s market each other’s businesses.”

The questions that need to be asked are:

1) Would 24999 people really be interested in specifically  marketing  your business?

2)How many people out of the 25000’s businesses would you be able to market in return?

3) Is your message noticed in the Facebook feed?

To be truly successful in social media marketing, a combination of social digital and traditional marketing (such as neighbourhood marketing, email campaigns and strong emphasis on Network marketing) is required.

Network marketing and social media marketing go hand in hand if you can focus your social media marketing with those you connect with on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Network marketing provides an excellent opportunity to educate the people around you about your vision, mission and competitive advantages.

You can help those you connect with by using your talents, support and word of mouth marketing.

By supporting one another and providing reciprocal business, everyone can benefit and grow.

Each individual becomes another individual’s salesperson.

By sharing one another’s  businesses on social media, you can keep your feed interesting, not losing the attention of your viewers.

Another benefit of engaging with others on social business networking is that you learn how to optimize your own social media efforts through sharing and taking note of tips and mistakes others have made.

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If you are interested in joining us please contact me for an invitation.

Next time i would share some tips and tricks and also some mistakes i have made.

Stew  Murdoch

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