Debunking the “We will meet or beat any Written quote” statement.

Rotten Door

This Cheap inside door has been used as an outside Door.


When you buy cheap windows and doors it can turn  out very costly.

Read this article to see why.

How often do consumers fall into the trap of buying from retailers, manufacturers and salespeople making claims that they will meet or beat any other competitors price.

When one competitors price is  within 5 to 10 percent  difference from competitors it can be understood.

Be extremely careful for unbelievable offers. For instance  an offer for   a wooden front door of   R 850-00,  whereas   the competition’s prices is R 1650-00 for a door that looks the same at first site.

Looking closer you will find the difference is that  the cheaper door should have only been used as inside door.  The customer based his price decision purely on price instead of value.

The more expensive door is a solid door  whereas the cheaper door is a semi -hollow door covered with a layer of veneer to look like the first one.The  much more expensive door  has been made from solid  wooden  material . This was made specifically for South African  conditions. The poor customer have never been informed that their is a big difference in the 2 doors and that the door do not carry any guarantees. The more expensive door carry a 5  year guarantee.

A mistake like this will proof to be  very costly with a lot of  frustrations. This  inevitably resulting  in removing the new(old) damaged door . Again  spending money, wasting  time in sourcing for right door, re-instalment and re-applying of good quality sealant.

It is advisable to  consult an expert in a specific field or getting a second opinion before making wrong purchase decision especially when a price seems to unbelievable to be true,it is most likely not true .

Contributed by Stewart Murdoch

Windorpro (Pty)ltd

Stewart Murdoch

Windorpro (Pty)ltd

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