Aluminium, Wood or Steel Doors or Windows- Can your Supplier help with a total Solution ?


Aluminium Top Hung Window in bronze With 4 Top Hung vents

Many  manufacturers ,distributors  and  salesmen it is only  another  commodity or opportunity that earns you money. Many manufacturers do only make standard aluminium windows and doors .Other again specialise in purpose made doors and windows. Some only make wooden doors other only wooden windows.

The distributors distribute mostly line of fast moving products.

Salespeople lacks product knowledge due to the many different  products they need to consider. Being mostly store bound it is more difficult to provide  the exact product each individual requires.

With on line suppliers also rising like mushrooms consumers have been disappointed with the service they receive. It is simply not always possible to oversee a project in Johannesburg whilst you have not got a dedicated and trusted agent or  project manager  to oversee your project see the window as one of the most important part, not only of a building but contributes much more than the average person notice. Windows and doors are part of our lifestyle it  influence our health, psychology .It connects the outside to inside. It allow for absolute necessary  natural light into our living spaces. Aesthetically it completes our houses. It provides security and privacy. It say hello to the outside.

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Wooden cottage pane Bay Window

Steel Bay Window Memphis

Steel Window manufactured by our reliable manufacturer Memphis Windows.

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